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South America

Portillo, Chile


Portillo, Chile is a mesmerizing ski resort nested along the Andes mountains. Portillo has been featured in ski movies for many years due to its unique beauty.


Skigroup's founder and current President Stephen Hall has made the treck to Portillo, and had this to say about the ski resort. "One of the most picturesque resorts I've visited. Drop dead views. Kinda cool knowing you're skiing on the slopes the US Ski Team trains on during North American summers. The hotel has an old-world charm that is less and less available. Add Portillo to your bucket list. I'm glad it was on mine."

You don't have to be on the US Ski Team to get the opportunity to visit this unique location in Chile. Skigroup has the expertise to coordinate your dream trip to Portillo.

Refer to skigroups ski-week specials, we will be posting updates in this blog and on social media.

We are currently finalizing plans for various weeks during Portillo's ski season.

Stay Tuned!

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