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Addressing the Boulder, Colorado Shooting

Boulder is our home...

Few have escaped the tragic news of the senseless killings that took place in Boulder two days ago. 10 innocent lives lost. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those who lost their lives.

I just don’t have the vocabulary to express the sorrow, outrage, anger, frustration, hopelessness I’ve felt since the news unfolded.

Boulder was my home for 29 years. I’ve lived half my life in Boulder. I consider Boulder home. Home to my family, and home to Skigroup. Boulder has always seemed safe to me. A refuge from the craziness of the world. Boulder has suffered a deep wound.

But the families and friends of those lost will move forward. Never the same. But hopefully with memories of smiling and laughing daughters, sons, mothers and fathers who are no longer here. Boulder too will recover. Never the same, but with a painful resolve to move forward.

All I can think to say is to cherish your friends and family. Hug them, often.

Stephen Hall. Founder of Skigroup

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