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Working remotely

What had been somewhat of a rarity only a handful of years ago, working from home is the new normal. What had been a choice for some (main office or home) has become a non-negotiable mandate from management across business sectors.

Covid has created the need for employees to work safely at home. Technology has evolved quickly to allow for this transition.

My personal experience has been mixed. I’ve spent roughly half of my work career working from a centralized office, and the other half working out of a home office. There are pros and cons to each scenario.

Pros of working from home

  • Fewer distractions, greater ability to focus on the task at hand

  • More flexible work hours; I can go for a mountain bike ride and justify this by getting to my desk at 5am, or working after dinner. I end up working MORE hours when working from home.

  • Savings on food & beverage; my typical working-from-office morning ritual would involve a filthy chai and pastry in the morning from a coffee shop, a sandwich shop for lunch. Now my coffee & food costs are way down!

  • Your pets are by your side. I know my dog Luna is stoked to have me as a companion during the day. Many commercial office spaces don’t allow pets.

  • Family; if you have a spouse or sig-o, and especially if you have kids, I find myself much more available to them.

  • Wardrobe; you only need to be presentable from the neck up. No one can tell (or needs to know) the days I wear boxers to work. Sorry for that visual.

Cons of working from home

  • Loss of camaraderie; We are all social beings. Interacting with people in person is comforting, entertaining and meaningful

  • Diminished team communication; having face to face meetings I believe is most effective. I find being able to read facial and body language important. Much easier in person versus faces on a Zoom call.

  • Diminished work/personal boundaries; I find it difficult to completely unplug from business when my laptop, files, etc are so close at hand.

  • Cabin fever; I found it enjoyable to drive to work. Having a change of scenery can be important to clear your mind before and after work. I sometimes miss the daily commute!

Not all people are cut out to thrive in an independent home work environment. But for those that can adapt and need to adapt, make sure to be presentable from the neck up.

If you're looking for more information, below we have provides some links that can provide more information on working remotely.

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