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Skigroup Covid-19 Update

COVID-19 (Covid) has disrupted the world in ways unimaginable less than a year ago. The costs have been staggering; in terms of loss of life, a cratered economy, 8+ million Americans sick, the emotional and psychological toll to our world.

In terms of our privileged world of ski trips and exotic destinations, the impact pales in comparison. Nonetheless there has been real pain suffered by resorts, property management companies, mountain towns, resort retailers, service workers and travel providers.

Skigroup, and our client groups, have been impacted as well. We all have questions like “is it safe to travel”, “should our club run a trip this winter”, “will my resort or property remain open this winter”, “what insurance protections are available should I become sick”? , etc

We want to reassure our clients and vendors that Skigroup is keenly aware of Covid challenges, and will monitor the situation daily. Skigroup will provide a total effort to put in place best practices with regard to current CDC, resort, airline and property guidelines and advisement. As Covid evolves over time, restrictions and guidelines from our federal, state and local governments will likely change. The same is true of our airline, lodging and resort partners.

Skigroup will communicate to our stakeholders information that is pertinent to our shared goal of providing meaningful and joyous trips to mountain resorts.

Stay well, and let us offer social distancing on the slopes!

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