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Step-by-step process to redeem Ikon orders with Skigroup

A step by step process of redeeming an Ikon pass bought with

Any customer who bought an Ikon pass with Skigroup will need to redeem their pass manually in order to get their pass! 

*You must be part of a Skigroup group in order to purchase a pass. 

Web capture_26-9-2022_84617_.jpeg
Web capture_26-9-2022_84650_.jpeg
Web capture_26-9-2022_84715_.jpeg
Web capture_26-9-2022_84738_.jpeg
Web capture_26-9-2022_84754_.jpeg
Web capture_26-9-2022_84812_.jpeg
Web capture_26-9-2022_84829_.jpeg
Web capture_26-9-2022_84849_.jpeg
Web capture_26-9-2022_8497_.jpeg
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