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Some of the SkiGroup crew

Stephen Hall

Owner and President


Experience in the ski travel business:

22 years as co-owner, Senior VP and spiritual advisor at Moguls Mountain Travel and 10+ years as owner and Chief of Karma at Skigroup.net.

Sandy Gaudette



Experience in the ski travel business:

I've been selling ski trips for over 30 years including 12 years with USRSA, Moguls Mountain Travel and Skigroup. net. I've worked with many of the largest ski councils in the country including Far West, Texas, 

Florida and New Jersey. I'm also the leading salesperson in the ski travel industry selling cruises (Caribbean, Alaska & Mediterranean Europe) to ski clubs and councils.

Dylan Van Leuwen-Hall

Social media manager / sales 


Experience in the ski travel business:

Currently working full time with skigroup as a guidance tool for groups looking for group trips. I have been an avid skier since a young age and have been to resorts all around the United States and North America. 

Currently based in Colorado playing college hockey for Metro State University. Looking forward to helping you plan your ideal trip!


Philip Bruno

Representative / sales


Experience in the ski travel business:

I graduated from the University of Vermont dreaming of doing one thing after college: shredding! After all, I spent four years Majoring in Skiing all across Vermont. Having a job now that allows me to experience each day, what I dream about every night, is special. I dream about the East- steep and tight trees; maple syrup; corduroy groomed perfection- and I dream about the West- the most snow; sunshine; high in the mountains. Count on me for professionally designed and executed trips, tailored to your group, featuring the best mountains, Après, and accommodations. 

Patrick Holleran 

Representative / Sales


Experience in the ski travel business:

I've been skiing and snowboarding for as long as I can remember, and been traveling with my family for longer. I was never exactly sure what I wanted to do when I graduated, but knew it was I would need to be doing something I love.   

After being active within Virginia Tech's Ski and Snowboard Club, and several trips to CO, Park City, and Lake Tahoe it finally made sense. I wanted to use my passion and determination to help others have the experiences I grew up with.