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Stephen Hall founded after a distinguished 22 year career as co-owner of Moguls Mountain Travel. As employee number 2 of one of the country’s top ski tour operators, Mr. Hall helped grow Moguls from a two-man operation into a $20M+, 90 employee industry leader.

Mr. Hall has identified a need for an agile, niche mountain resort tour operator.  A company that
values and promotes win-win relationships between client, supplier and tour operator. is a company that values the passion for, and lifestyle of the mountains as much as the bottom line.

The ski travel industry today is dominated by a few big players. Increasingly, consolidation within the industry is creating large, chaotic businesses that are less and less about customer service, and more
and more about creating profitability for the owners, too often at the expense of client and supplier.

  • Tired of navigating the labrynth-like voice mail system of many of  todays’ travel companies?
  • Sick of feeling like just one insignificant client out of hundreds?
  • Frustrated that there is too little flexibility in the way your group’s needs are handled by your current travel company?
  • Hating the response time you get for answers to your questions? is a company that offers clients a personalized, intimate level of customer service. provides customers with in-depth knowledge about resorts, lodging options, optional activities, and all other components that create a memorable mountain resort experience at a competitive price.


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